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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Kai-Martin Knaak <kmk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Stephan Boettcher wrote:
>> Why is there so much discussion here about the needs of potential new
>> users, instead of the needs of current, loving, existing users?  Let's
>> make the tools perfect for us (that includes discoverability and
>> documentation improvements), and not cater for not-yet-users.
> In my case, this is essentially the same. If students find geda more
> difficult and less attractive than eagle, I have a hard time to convince 
> them to use the right tool.

Why do you have this notion of _right tool_?  Let them use what they
want.  My colleagues use eagle.  I review their gerbers with gerbv. They
envy my hierachical schematics and scripting fu, but still, they are
happy.  All I say is: look if you want help from me with these things,
use gEAD, else, do it yourself.

>> In the end, the development caters the needs of whoever is doing the
>> development,
> and whose contributions get accepted. There is a heap of 45 patches for 
> pcb and 20 patches for geda rotting on launchpad. 

just what I said see below ...

>> That brings me to another point: I somehow feel a barrier of entry for
>> contributing code to gEDA/PCB, more than with other projects.  This is a
>> combination of a lot of little details which have been discussed before.
> ack. 
> It starts with a developer mailing list that is closed to mortal users but 
> discusses issues which affect said users. The wiki only features edit buttons
> on application. 

That are two of those little details, major ones.


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