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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Geoff Swan <shinobi.jack@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > > Examples
>> > > are the next to unusable default library of geda
>> >
>> > As has been discussed many times, this cannot be fixed, since there is no
>> > narrow, common use case for gEDA. 

It can be fixed, ...

> Actually I think gEDA is not too bad for components/symbols really. What the
> default library lacks, gedsymbols often has. With a little bit more
> promotion of gedasymbols I think people wouldn't have such an issue.

The way to promote gedasymbols and to fix the default library is to
remove the default library, except for a small set of very generic

I do use some symbols from the defaul library, generic resistors,
capacitors, transistors, switches, but nothing else. Basically only the
very generic drawings.

The first thing a new user shall (have to) learn is making symbols, and
(for a pcb workflow) footprints, or (for a simulation workflow) models,
because, as John said, it cannot be done right for everybody, so we
shall not try, and if it were possible, nobody wants to to the work


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