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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Stephan Boettcher wrote:

> The way to promote gedasymbols and to fix the default library is to
> remove the default library, except for a small set of very generic
> symbols.

This set of symbols should provide the ability to start working as is
and generally be examples for complete working symbols. That is, they
should contain footprint attributes. And when applicable simulation
attributes, too. HOWTOs and manuals may refer to these items.

In addition, there should be a discoverable mechanism to exclusively use 
a specific set of libs. Currently gschem and gnetlist use a multiple 
fall-back strategy to find actual instances of footprints and symbols. 
This is the kind of automatism that introduces nasty design failures. It 
makes the user feel less in control and uneasy. 

The cvs way to mirror the contents of gedasymbols.org on the local hard
disk should be installed by default. 

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