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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

John Doty <jpd@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So, is it really that bad?

In the end, when you really need to look something up, giyf, it is all
there.  But terribly disorganised.  For most things that may need
looking up I am completely unaware that they even exist.

As I said eleswhere, the first thing I tend to read is some kind of
reference manual.  Those things are typically not very verbose and give
me a complete overview what the program, API, language, library can do
for me.  I could not point to such documents for gaf or PCB.

I still do not know where the pcb users manual is to be found. I found
it several times in the past after some googling, and after I read it, I
still have no idea what the possibilities are on the pcb actions command
line, because it appears to be incomplete both in coverage of the
actions as well as the parameters for the actions.

This is not a complaint, since I get along with what I know.  I may just
miss out on a lot of nice features that I do not know about.

What I did find early (and enjoyed a lot) was the file formats


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