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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

On May 18, 2011, at 7:57 PM, Geoff Swan wrote:

>   Actually I think gEDA is not too bad for components/symbols really.
>   What the default library lacks, gedsymbols often has. With a little bit
>   more promotion of gedasymbols I think people wouldn't have such an
>   issue.
>   In terms of the usability of the default symbols - I just treat them as
>   a starting point. It is unlikely anyone will have done a symbol exactly
>   to my preference, and even if they have I like to add a whole bunch of
>   extra attributes. The default library and gedasymbols remove a lot of
>   the heavy lifting.
>   A full symbol/footprint library is something that I expect to build for
>   myself - I am not going to be happy unless I have closely checked each
>   symbol. I am very thankful for being able to base my work from what
>   others have done - but I am not planning on being in the position of
>   having a dead pcb because I didn't check a 3rd party footprint
>   properly.

Exactly. The real issue is that the UI doesn't encourage newbies to perceive this. The library browser should really import the symbol into the project, and open it in gschem for customization.

>   As far as the guile/scheme gnetlist backend is concerned... I did
>   manage to modify one of the BOM backends to pull some extra attributes
>   I add to my symbols. My first look at guile/scheme hurt my head - too
>   many brackets. But after the initial shock it wasn't too bad.

Indeed. It's easier than it looks.

John Doty              Noqsi Aerospace, Ltd.

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