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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Colin D Bennett wrote:

> If you put default footprint attributes on the symbols, it is an
> invitation to error.  It's better to force the user to specify a
> footprint for each component.

If you want to force users, you can put in a footprint with an 
invalid value. No footprint attribute at all just heightens the barrier.
Footprint attributes not only contain a value. They also contain 
placement information relative to the symbol.

I am no fan of forcing users. But your argument does not convince 
me anyway. No default footprint value is an invitation to error, too. 
Newbies hardly know the difference of SO16 and SO14-wide. Default 
footprint attribute values should of course correspond to reasonable 
footprints in the default lib of PCB. So default will produce reasonable 
results that can be manufactured. If the user wanted SMD, he or she will
notice during placement. 

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