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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Andrew Poelstra wrote:

> This already invalidates your point. 

The point is, that instances of the default library should be instantly
usable for major use cases. And they should be good blueprints for the 
creation of the users own instances.

The symbols in the current default lib fail for both. Most importantly, 
there is no footprint attribute. But there are more issues. Most of the 
symbols contain no license attributes, no description, no documentation, 
no symversion, no value. They are quite inconsistent. Some contain 
attributes geda won't recognize in a useful way (e.g. FND5148-1.sym 
features auth, date, fname and rev. The values of these attributes look
like variables because they are terminated by $-characters.) There is 
even a symbol with no attribute at all. (input-orcad-1.sym). 

The recommended technique of split symbols is not to be found in the 
default lib. Instead, the three logic blocks of the 4000 are all contained
in a single symbol.

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