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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

On Thu, 19 May 2011 16:21:31 +0200
Kai-Martin Knaak <knaak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Vanessa Ezekowitz wrote:
> > KMK didn't say what he means by "unusable", 
> Most immediately: The symbols in the default lib do not contain
> footprint attributes. Not even an empty ones. This prevents them to
> "just-work" for the most common work-flow of geda: gschem -> gnetlist
> -> pcb -> gerbv 

If you put default footprint attributes on the symbols, it is an
invitation to error.  It's better to force the user to specify a
footprint for each component.

If it seems like extra work for a user to assign footprints, consider
that the user had better be reviewing each and every component's
footprint in the schematic anyway... though you know you'll forget to
check one component for which the default package is wrong.

Ideally, footprint assignment would be easy and convenient, however.
This could be improved by providing a footprint browser in gschem to
quickly locate the right symbol name.


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