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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

     And consider that, no matter how heavy a symbol is, you can always
     make it heavier.  Let's say we ship a symbol for a 4.7k 0603
     Does it include manufacter's part numbers?  Vendor name?  Tolerance?
     These are additional data the user could add.  Where does it come
     from?  How do they add it?  Should we add it up front?  Why?

   Yes users must be able to add metadata, ie: company internal part
   numbers, document numbers, etc.

     I like the idea of including a set of heavy symbols as a "starter
     pack" - maybe a few sets of them (through-hole vs smt, for example)
     but I think we need to also allow for a set of light symbols too,
     think about the process of user-heavyifying them.  This, along with
     "how do I create new symbols/footprints" is a common stumbling block
     for new users.

    How about (right-click, attach footprint to symbol?) Heck, it would
   also be nice to be able to switch footprints from within PCB; for
   example, when changing a board from thru-hole to SMT.

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