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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

On 20/05/11 17:01, DJ Delorie wrote:
* Standard library is light, users heavyify them (we need a better
   verb for that ;) into a project-specific (or even site-global) heavy
   symbol library.
Personally, I'd say that this is a sensible way to go.

I'd then suggest having an extra set of options somewhere (perhaps even have an entire beginner mode), and this guides people through the "heavification" of symbols.

For example, when you select a component to add to the schematic, it offers some help by suggesting a set of "frequently used footprints" (probably generated from the user's MRU list), along with suggesting addition of other attributes.

The other thing that I find insanely useful is gedasymbols. I don't suggest for a single moment that shipping the entire gedasymbols library with gEDA/PCB is a good idea, but perhaps the following should be considered (no idea if it's actually possible):
- gEDA has a way of detecting a network connection.
- If connected, search will also search gEDAsymbols, and on request download the sym (and possibly its associated footprint).

This, again, would certainly help with streamlining my workflow, as I tend to spend a fair amount of time opening tabs and browsing to gedasymbols.

I don't think shipping heavy symbols is a good idea - it is easier to go from light -> heavy, than the other way, even if it's only a few mouse clicks away.

One final comment about this: Perhaps the proposed sym+metadata+fp is the way forward - the metadata is basically a set of overrides on the sym and fp data, and everything gets dealt with that way.

Just my 2 cents.....


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