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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> I like adding the meta-data to a separate file, even if it
> associated with a footprint first. For example: SOIC-8.fp along with
> SOIC-8.fp.meta, which contains attribs
> symbolname="FET_dual_11234.sym" footprintname="SOIC-8.fp" could be
> created first, and a symbol for FET_dual_11234.sym defined later.

Is there an advantage to separating out the attributes of a symbol,
but still having them symbol-specific?

I suppose if we had symbol *classes* we'd want to pull the attributes
out of the graphical representation of the symbol (like
resistor-1.sym) and put them in the symbol class (resistor.scl).

But what I was thinking was, for example, having NAND2.sym be a
generic 2-in NAND gate, SO14.fp be a generic soic-14, and the metadata
would be SN74LVC00ANSR.part.  The metadata would have symbol=NAND2,
footprint=SO14, pinmap=[(A,B),Y]=([(1,2),3],...), etc.

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