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gEDA-user: Shitty chip vendor companies

Larry Doolittle <ldoolitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have done that, too, but only rarely.  It's a royal PITA.
> Do those guys *cough*Marvell*cough* want us to use their parts,
> or not?

The real problem occurs when a device with the functionality you need is
made *only* by the "shithead" companies like Broadcom, Marvell or
Mindspeed, and not by any of the more open companies.  xDSL transceivers
are a prime example, although not the only by any means.

Ahh, if only Russia, China, North Korea and Iran were willing to grow
some balls, invade USA or more specifically those parts of USA which
harbor the HQ of the abovementioned companies, send troops (special
forces) to storm their HQ, seize all their "intellectual property" at
gunpoint and publish it simultaneously on ftp.gov.ru, ftp.gov.cn,
ftp.gov.nk, etc free to the world...  If all 4 named countries were to
do it simultaneously, acting in unison as a joint force, methinks it
would be pretty effective...


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