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gEDA-user: Stuck on magnetic nets

   I just started up again using gschem after a long break, and was
   surprised to see a new feature called magnet net. I general, it was
   great, but it also caused problems.  I started with probably an
   undersized title block, and the page rapidly got stuffed with just a 40
   pin ATMega and 3 L293 motor drivers. I had the lines spaced very close,
   and the magnet net would not let me pick which pin or line to connect
   to when they were closely spaced. Also, if the line was very close to
   the pin, it would reject the line altogether. I tried turning it off,
   and then nothing would connect. Lines were not on the same grid spacing
   as the pins, and it was really tough making gschem accept a net
     In short, is there a way to reduce the 'radius' of the magnet net for
   tight spacing?
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