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Re: gEDA-user: data directories in a library ( library packages )

Let's try not to change the subject line too much, I need to be able
to find all these later to summarize :-)

> I was just trying to talk in general words about Kai martin's
> package idea.  A package, (or any name for same idea), is a dir with
> footprint, symbol, simulation model, datasheet links, notes, etc in
> it.

Yup.  Each is a type of library, but I think we need to generalize
"library" somewhat to include more than just symbols and footprints.
This might be as simple as an additional toplevel directory (example:
for simulation models), new well-defined file extensions (example:
*.note), or even just standard attributes (example: that link to
online PDFs).  But it might be as complex as a new file format (open
document, zip, GVFS, etc).

> Chip is not alot better than package.  They both have the common
> word problem.  Chip is just a bit more specific, so I thought there
> would be fewer ways to confuse it than with a category word like
> package.

I don't want to divert the thread into a naming contest, but I think
we should either find the right generic phrase that actually describes
these (component maps, part database, chip data, etc) or make up
something that won't be confused with another standard meaning
(partmap, flowmux, heavyifier, chipdir, etc).  I think we agree on the
concept, we'll pick names later.

It might be as simple as just calling it a "library" depending on how
we implement it :-)

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