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Re: gEDA-user: chip data directories in a library ( library packages )

John Griessen wrote:

> I think the name package could create confusion
> with layout package used to implement a circuit,

I proposed "package" because eagle uses this term for a very similar
concept. Yes, package already has a distinct meaning in the context 
of electronics. I would not be happy with a variation of "library". 
A lib is a collection of objects of the same kind -- traditionally 
books. What my proposal aims for, is by contrast a wrap of different
classes of objects. 

The term "container" comes to mind. This clearly can contain about 
anything. Maybe, it is a bit too versatile. Worse, it usually means 
the containing structure, not its content.

Next try: "packet" 
This can also contain all kinds of objects. It closely avoids the 
clash with the meaning of "package" in data sheets. 

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