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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

What I think users want is to have the underlying tools be more aware
of the other sources of data in the design, and each other, so that
the GUIs appear to be more integrated despite being individual tools
and datasets underneath.  This may require some high-level "these are
the files in your design" also, but it's a slightly different problem
to solve.
So if I understand correctly each program in the gEDA tool chain will need a pipe/gate/threat/port/whatever through which it can communicate to a TLP or the N-1 and N+1 tool in the work flow. Something like a multi master serial communication link (I'm more a hardware engineer than a software engineer ;-)

But an even different is the problem of what *design* data goes in
which file.  This part is not backwards compatible, because we'd want
to move data out of the other files (sch, pcb, whatever) into a new
This shouldn't be a problem, the file format of gschem is an excellent example of flexibility. If you have a TLP which can gather information from the various files and make a new file with the meta data it didn't find then your OK. For the user it doesn't matter where the information is stored as long as it is stored. For a script or a text-file junkie it might be hell.

Or am I missing something?

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