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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

How we organize the data, and how the user interacts with it, need not
be the same :-)
I didn't read the complete threat so if I miss the point or if I repeat anyone I'm sorry.

Is it not possible to make a top level program that launches the different programs (gschem, pcb, simtools, .....)? The top level program can have it's own file with the meta data and cross references to the other files (the refdes maybe). The top level program can have a wizard to help new users to heavyfy the standard symbols. The top level program can have a check/lead to help setting up a simulation project/layout project/IC design project/whatever project.
The top level program can call gnetlist to connect it all together.
The top level program can have an import/export function to include sheets/pcb designs from other projects.

This way you also have a backwards compatibility path (all additional data is stored in the TLP file), not important I know, but still...

Just my €0.02

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