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Re: [gftp] TLS / FTPS data support

David Liontooth wrote:

What is the difference between FTPS control connection and FTPS data support?

Like the previous questioner back in November, I need to access an ftp site using ssl authentication.
I currently use Debian's ftp-ssl or lftp, and would like to enable gftp for this if possible.

I do not know what type of data enc. you use but lftp supports data encryption and control encryption. Short and dirty explanation is that on port 21 we send control information such as commands and username+pass. On port 20 or a high port (depends on port vs pasv mode) we send the actual data, or the dir listings. This is often binary data and not as sensetiv as the user+pass we send on port 21.

Last I checked gftp only supports control connection encryption and thus I still use lftp for my data enc.

Best regards
Stian B. Barmen