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Re: [gftp] Problem with gftp

On Wed, 2 Jul 2008, Brian Masney wrote:

Go to FTP->Preferences->FTP and disable Passive File Transfers. That
should fix the problem.


On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 2:33 AM, Bret Busby <bret@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I hope that this is the correct way to post to this list (the mailing list
administration messages did not include that information), and I hope that
this is the correct way to ask about problems using gftp.

I have a number of web sites, and I have previously used gftp to upload
files to my web sites, without any significant problems that I remember.

I am currently using gFTP 2.0.18 running on Denian 4.0 Linux.

In trying to access two of my web sites, today, using gftp, I got the
following response:

230 User xxxxxxxx logged in.

215 UNIX Type: L8

200 Type set to I

257 "/" is current directory.
Loading directory listing / from server (LC_TIME=en_AU.UTF-8)

227 Entering Passive Mode (203,113,228,30,224,10).
Cannot create a data connection: Connection refused
Disconnecting from site

I have contacted the ISP that hosts the web sites, and that ISP could not
find anything in the logs, and, restarted the ftp daemon, but the problem

I used the ftp comand line utility, and that worked without any problem, and
I was able to upload the particular files that I sought to upload to one of
my web sites.

I do not know where the problem lies; whether it is within gftp (which would
surprise me, as I do not remember having any problems in using gftp, in the
past), at the ISP, or with the ISP that provides us with Internet access,
or, with Debian Linux.

Has anyone else experienced this prolem, and, does a known solution, exist?

Thank you in anticiaption.

Bret Busby
West Australia


The problem with that, is that, in doing a mouseover on the checkbox for "Passive file transfers", a dialogue box is displayed, and the text inside the dialogue box, includes "If you are behind a firewall, you will need to enable this".

We have a LAN, and it goes through a firewall/gateway, to the Internet.

If the text of the dialogue box was able to be displayed in a way that allowed it to be copied and pasted, I could insert the text in a message to send to the ISP that is hosting my web sites, as it appears from the text in the dialogue box, that a failure to communicate using passive file transfers, can be due to an old FTP server, so inclusion of the text in an email message to the ISP, could cause an upgrading of the ISP's FTP server utility (or, could be used in a request that the ISP ensure that the FTP server utility is up to date).

However, I believe that, in the past, the passive file transfer method has been used without any problem, in using gftp with the ISP hosting the web sites.

I do not know whether gftp keeps a history of previous transaction logs, or whatever the name would be, for the communications that are displayed when using gftp, that tells a user what has hsppened during a session. If such a history is kept, and can be retrieved it, would either confirm or refute my belief that, previous to this problem, I had also been using passive file transfer in FTP operations, in uploading to the web sites.

Something appears to have changed, that now prevents me from using gftp, in its default configuration, for uploading to the web sites.

The only things of significance, that I believe have changed recently, ar that we have switched our ISP that provides access to the Internet, and that we have gone from using ADSL1, to ADSL2.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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 you'll know what the answer means."
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