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Re: [gftp] data columns?

What I did is I reordered the columns and put the user and group last
where they are not annoying. I also changed the date format to a shorter
one. Both these changes make the program easier to use. These changes
are easy to implement in the source code for any particular column order
and date format, but what would be really nice is to have a way in which
each user can select the preferred settings.

Morten Juhl Johansen wrote:
> While gFTP remains my client of choice - it is excellent - I am
> wondering if it is possible to hide certain columns of data?
> I have no need for having the user and group displayed constantly, for
> instance.
> Yours,
> Morten Juhl Johansen,
> Odense, Denmark
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> http://www.syntaktisk.dk