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Re: [gftp] data columns?

I have done something similar, but I am very fond of the way the Mozilla
gang has done it with Thunderbird and the drop-down selector:



Alonso Acuña - PBX Virtual wrote:
> What I did is I reordered the columns and put the user and group last
> where they are not annoying. I also changed the date format to a shorter
> one. Both these changes make the program easier to use. These changes
> are easy to implement in the source code for any particular column order
> and date format, but what would be really nice is to have a way in which
> each user can select the preferred settings.
> Morten Juhl Johansen wrote:
>> While gFTP remains my client of choice - it is excellent - I am
>> wondering if it is possible to hide certain columns of data?
>> I have no need for having the user and group displayed constantly, for
>> instance.
>> Yours,
>> Morten Juhl Johansen,
>> Odense, Denmark
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>> http://www.syntaktisk.dk