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Re: [gftp] plans for a new release

On Wed, 03 Oct 2007 21:41:08 -0400 Donald H Locker <dhlocker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

| I hate to raise this on a gftp list, but has anyone tried filezilla.  I just 
| built it for my home machine, and tried the Windoze build at work and they seem 
| to work, but I have no long-term experience.
| Donald.
| Anthony DiSante wrote:
| > Oliver Lehmann wrote:
| >> Hi,
| >>
| >> I wonder if there are any plans for a new release of gFTP since the last
| >> one is from 2005 which seems a bit dusty imho...
| >> If I'm not mistaken, Brian spoke a year ago about ideas for a new release
| >> - but I never heard about a new release since then...
| >>
| > 
| > Me too.  I use gFTP all day long, but only because I haven't found any 
| > decent alternatives.  I'd love to have a new release that fixes some of 
| > the outstanding issues with gFTP (extremely slow performance in SSH/SFTP 
| > mode; the fact that it crashes ALL THE TIME when connection errors 
| > occur; and a bunch of other bugs that I've reported here over the past 3 
| > years...).
| > 

I have used it on Windows for quite a while and it works great. I didn't know that there was a Linux version. I'm off to try it. Thanks!