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[gftp] Some problems about file charset

Hi ...
  I am coming Taiwan and enjoying using gFTP.
I thinak maybe this is the most simplist and easy
ftp client for linux users.
  But in Taiwan and China, there are lots of encoding
methods for file name. In Taiwan, maybe you perfer
to use UTF-8, someone perfer to use Big5, etc.
As a result, if one's chinese file name using Big5,
then I get some chinese files from him, I will get error file
name. Although I can change remote character set to disappear
the correct file name, but when I download it, it also use
the remote files name to save. So, in my nautilus, I can't
disappear the correct file name. SO mybe gFTP can auto
change the encoding Big5 to UTF-8 when I download file
from a Big5 server. Or mybe can add an option that we can
choise which encoding we want to use in local.

  That is the something that I upload a file to a different
encoding characters server.

        Thanks for your contribution to gFTP....

                    by Dung-Bang Tsai