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[gftp] gFTP not connecting after OS upgrade

I had been using gFTP (ver ?) successfully on RH 7.3. After upgrading to RH 9.0 and gFTP 2.0.14, I'm getting the following error message whenever I try to connect.

Opening SSH connection to alicec
Running program /usr/bin/ssh -e none -l jpolanik -p 22 alicec "echo -n xsftp ; sftp-server"
jpolanik@alicec's password:
3: Protocol Initialization
Error: Message size 1650553704 too big from server
Disconnecting from site alicec
Received wrong response from server, disconnecting

Note: I've been able to connect using the command line (ssh and sftp) so the problem is not with the server.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Polanik