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Re: [gftp] gFTP not connecting after OS upgrade

On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 12:19:00PM -0400, Joe Polanik wrote:
> I had been using gFTP (ver ?) successfully on RH 7.3. After upgrading to RH 
> 9.0 and gFTP 2.0.14, I'm getting the following error message whenever I try 
> to connect.
> Opening SSH connection to alicec
> Running program /usr/bin/ssh -e none -l jpolanik -p 22 alicec "echo -n 
> xsftp ; sftp-server"
> jpolanik@alicec's password:
> xsftp
> 3: Protocol Initialization
> Error: Message size 1650553704 too big from server
> Disconnecting from site alicec
> Received wrong response from server, disconnecting
> Note: I've been able to connect using the command line (ssh and sftp) so 
> the problem is not with the server.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of gftp at
http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2. The SSH support is much better in this

Depending on my time situation, I'm planning on putting out a release candidate
of 2.0.18 really soon. I still have a few other issues to work out before I do
this. If anyone has time, please test the above code. Also, please file any bug
reports with GNOME's Bugzilla instead of the mailinglist. It's much easier for
me to track bugs using Bugzilla.