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Re: [gftp] gFTP not connecting after OS upgrade

Brian Masney wrote:

Depending on my time situation, I'm planning on putting out a release candidate
of 2.0.18 really soon. I still have a few other issues to work out before I do
this. If anyone has time, please test the above code. Also, please file any bug
reports with GNOME's Bugzilla instead of the mailinglist. It's much easier for
me to track bugs using Bugzilla.
At the risk of sounding really ignorant, are there simple instructions on getting/installing bugzilla somewhere? I use Xandros, which is a debian-based system, and its graphical package manager says that to install bugzilla, I have to install a whole bunch of things I don't want, like a web server. I assume that's because the package installs the developer tools which accept new bug reports. There must be some "submit bugs" only packages out there somewhere, with simple instructions?

Thanks in advance.

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