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Re: problems building GraphThing on Red Hat 7.3

On my newly-installed Red Hat 7.3 system, I can't even get the configure script to run. From what I can tell, it's due to some
incompatibility between the bash upgrades
in 7.3 and earlier version. It constantly
reports unknown commands, usually about white

I've been sedulously going through the script
tweaking white space, comments, and semi-colons
to get the script to run a little farther each
time before dying.
I suspect there is magic I could put in a dot
file to make it all run smoothly, especially
if Dave S can run the script with no trouble on Red Hat 7.3.
If anyone who can configure on Red Hat 7.3
has useful lines from their .bashrc, .cshrc, or .login that could make the differece,
would they please forward them to me?

Thanks so much for your help. Eager to build GraphThing in my new environment,

Lia Adams

Dave Symonds wrote:
On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Lia Adams wrote:

Is anyone else having trouble building GraphThing
on Red Hat Linux 7.3?  I have been trying to get
the configure script to run on a completely stock
installation of 7.3 but am getting nowhere.
What happens? I've just tried it on a reasonably stock-standard RH 7.3
setup, and it died while checking for libsigc++. If the same thing
happens for you, you'll need to install that library (libsigc++10 and
libsigc++10-devel from freshrpms.net, for example). If this doesn't
work, post the output that you get from running the configure script.