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Updated TODO list

Hi All,

I'm starting to have a bit of free time, so I'm going to get back to
working on GraphThing. After finishing a course on Computational Geometry
at Uni, I'm a bit inspired and motivated to put some of it to use, so I'm
rejigging the TODO list; the current list is below. Anyone have any
thoughts? Anyone feel like writing some code?  ;-)



"Computer science is no more about computers
  than astronomy is about telescopes."
	- E.W. Dijkstra

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This is roughly in order of decreasing priority. If you have a request, send
it to me at <ds@seul.org>.

	* Graph layout algorithms
		- internalize some?
			+ spring embedding
		- call out to tools like dot/neato
	* Presentation stuff:
		- icons (for window managers that use icons)
		- a decent "logo"
		- menu entries (for Redhat, Debian, etc.)
	* Other output formats:
		- dot/neato/twopi (http://www.graphviz.org/)
		- Maple (http://axe.acadiau.ca/~050953s/gt2mws)
		- GraphBase
		- xfig
	* Escape should hit "Cancel" in dialog boxes
	* Scrollbar disappears (i.e. canvas reshrink) when graph is smaller
		- also, buggy when graph goes off top or left
	* Accelerators for various things
		- switching modes
	* "Factorised" forms for chromatic polynomials
	* Undo
	* Perform code audit for untranslated strings
		(write some scripts to automate this!)
	* Combinatorial stuff:
		- automorphism group (integration with 'nauty'?)
		- Cycle index polynomial
	* Help system
	* Multigraphs
		- curved edges (4-point bezier curves?)
		- loops
		- need to do a complete code audit!
	* Pretty polynomial displays
	* Minimal Spanning trees (Prim's algorithm for undirected)
	* More comprehensive testing
	* Poset stuff:
		- determine if a Hasse diagram
		- spit out minimal ordering
	* More input formats: Stanford GraphBase, xfig, (others?)
	* Travelling salesman problem
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