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Re: Back in the saddle...

On 6/21/05, Ion Savin <comp_@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > For those translators on this list, are you still able to update your
> > translations? It is still exactly the same format as before, and if
> > you have limited time I can ease things for you by just sending you
> > directly the strings that need translating.
> :)
> I can update the Romanian translation.

Fantastic! At least the Romanian translation is fairly up-to-date
already. The strings needing translation are:

"Loading failed"
"Clear graph"
"Complement graph"
"Line graph"
"Induced subgraph"
"Make prefab"
"Add vertex"
"Add edge"
"Rename vertex"
"Edge direction:"
"Change edge weight"
"Change edge direction"
"Change edge weight and direction"
"Finding Minimum Spanning Tree..."
"Change to Vertex Mode"
"Change to Edge Mode"


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