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Re: Translations

> Hello All,
> There are some more strings that need translating to various
> languages. I'd like to release 0.9.1 in the next couple of days, so a
> quick turn-around would be great.
> 	* "Line Graph"		(this is also called "interchange graph")
> 	* "Chromatic Index"	(edge colouring)
> 	* "Gear"		(for Gear graph)
> 	* "Computing chromatic index..."

"Graf línia"
"Índex cromàtic"
"Graf pinyó"
"Calculant l'índex cromàtic..."

"Grafo línea"
"Índice cromático"
"Grafo piñón"
"Calculando el índice cromático..."

I must say that I asked for assistance to a member of an active group of
graph research. He wouldn't know of a standarised word to translate "Gear
graph", so he's suggested me to invent one.
Among the possibilities, I have chosen the shortest one :-)


Josep M.

Josep M. Lopez Besora