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Lebel to Hex Value

Hi !

I'm Ramon Navarro from Catalonia. I'm researching in graph theory about
dynamic graph algorithms in Univesitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I was
looking for a software that can help me to draw graphs in order to play
and try diferents algorithms. As I'm a Debian user, free software
developer and an only free software user I was looking for a GPL graph
program. I only was able to find graphthing so I must say : Thanks !

Its a great software. I only have a problem, when I try to write the
graph to any kind of file the labels disapear and apear a hex code as
the reference ( like 0x836c86c ).

I've instal·led debian version (1.2) , compiled last web version ( 1.2 )
and I obtained the same result. It's possible that is something on my
machine ? Or something else ?

Ramon Navarro Bosch