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Re: GraphThing 1.3 released!

On 9/7/06, Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Heh, I'll assimilate your posts:

sorry for the long get back to you and flex/yacc problem, but here is a
./configure log snippet, followed by a make log snippet, the config.log
being attached:
> checking for bison... no
> checking for byacc... no
> configure: WARNING: I'd much prefer to use GNU bison
> checking for flex... no
> checking for lex... no
(As I'm in a fresh chroot, none of them is installed yet.)

Yes, it should be dying at that stage. I've changed it to use AC_MSG_ERROR instead of AC_MSG_WARN; there's not too many situations I can think of when you'd have everything else GraphThing needs (wxWidgets, etc.) but not flex/bison, so I've made bison and flex requirements.

Another tiny trouble: there's still no manpage but I don't remember
whether you said you were going to do it or whether I was supposed to.
:/ That's the last thing which prevents me to upload it to my friends'
repository at the moment. (If someone knows about that, lintian's OK.)

Yeah, I'm slack. I'll try to write a brief one soon.

So sorry, I didn't notice that latter before sending the previous mail,
but just when about to leave for work:
> dpkg-source: cannot represent change to config.h:
> dpkg-source:  new version is symlink
> dpkg-source:  old version is nonexistent

I guess that a ``make clean'' should clear that file out, right? Maybe
config.status too...

The config.h file is generated by ./configure from config.h.in, so it shouldn't be removed by "make clean". It shouldn't be a symlink either, and I don't know how that is happening.

Thanks for the reports!


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