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Re: File Extensions

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999 Romulus15@aol.com wrote:

> I was just wondering if there is a way...either in KDE or CLI to designate
> extensions with programs.  

I think KDE can do something like this ... Then again, I am not sure
whether it uses extensions or just mimetypes.  ( ? ) 

> really starting to get sick of having to write 'wish tik.tcl'.  

I don't see why this is a major problem. If the program is executable and
starts with #!/usr/bin/wish ( which should be the case if it's intended to
be run from the command line ) then you can just run it as ./tik.tcl

> way to make it so that I can force all files with tcl extensions to be opened
> by wish?  

kfm configuration is probably the "right" way to address these issues. If
you can come up with some good ideas re kfm configuration, they can be