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Re: Some software to try

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I have seen a couple of programs who look interesting and are well
> worth a look.  It would be a good thing if someone compared them
> against their direct equivalent shipped in Indy
> Look in www.freshmeat.net to find URLs
> gentoo: This is a GTK-based file manager who seems to have a UI
> similar to FileRunner's.  It also seems easier to configure and
> visually more attractive.  My main concern is bugs.

I'll give her a look.
> gtkzip: A gtk based aplication to view compressed files.  Its
> equivalent in Indy is Tkzip.  Tkzip is really good but it is shareware
> (free for personnal use) so in case gtkzip is good enough I would
> prefer shipping it.  In addition Gtkzip would probably integrate
> better with Gnome apps.


> As a word processor we shipped Maxwell but it is no longer developped
> for profit and its ueduse of Motif 2.0 places severe restrictions on
> bazr-like development so it is dead.  As a replacement Koffice is
> still not ready for prime time but I would like someone trying AbiWord.

Abi is about as much fun as KWord :)