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KDE initial configuration

A thing to do would be: Create a new user (using Indy), then startx,
KDE starts and then configure it (_except_ for Languages, it then
looks at environment variables), choose nice colors instead of Win95k,
Motif scrollbars, make a symlink towards the top page of the HTML doc
(/usr/doc/HTML/index.html) and place it in the Autostart folder.

Then put the .kde, .kderc and Desktop in a tgz and we will manage to
have it integrated either with KDE or in the skels RPM

This way when the user starts KDE he will see a window showing him the
top of the doc and he will not get a Windowsih look, although I am
partisan of keeping a Windowish _feel_ ie point and click.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses