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To simply download a file that does not have a file association (like .img
and .tgz files) from a web site in IE without opening it one simply clicks
it.  A menu then comes on the screen asking if you want to open the file or
save it.  Netscape used to do it this way also, don't know why they stopped.

Bill (NOT Gates)

> >> OK.  Click on the boot image and all I get is a very long page
> of code.
> >> What do I do with this.  REMEMBER, I am a Win98 user and have no idea
> >> what this is.  REALLY!!  Also the same for supplemental floppy image.
> >> AS a simply end user, emphasis on simple, what do I do the page of code
> >> and how?
> >>
> I'll also add to the download page that if you're using Win9x version of
> Netscape, you need to hold down the shift-key while clicking on files
> ending in '.img' and/or '.tgz'. Anyone on this list know what the
> equivalent action is when one is using Micro$oft IE? (I've never used it.)
> I've seen somewhere on the Web as to what key(s) or button to click to
> download a .tgz file with IE, but I don't remember it.
> >