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At 08:23 PM 4/6/99 -0000, you wrote:
>This shortsighteedness motivated the download
>page tells nothing about what a Windows user has to do: copying the
>floppy images to floppies using RAWRITE and shrinking the DOS partition
>with FIPS (both are in the ftp site).  And the fact I should have
>provided in the FTP site the DOS software for handling tgz files.

Since I'm now maintaining the Website, I'll add some simple instructions
for Win9x users pertaining to what Jean outlined above.
>> OK.  Click on the boot image and all I get is a very long page of code. 
>> What do I do with this.  REMEMBER, I am a Win98 user and have no idea
>> what this is.  REALLY!!  Also the same for supplemental floppy image.
>> AS a simply end user, emphasis on simple, what do I do the page of code
>> and how?
I'll also add to the download page that if you're using Win9x version of
Netscape, you need to hold down the shift-key while clicking on files
ending in '.img' and/or '.tgz'. Anyone on this list know what the
equivalent action is when one is using Micro$oft IE? (I've never used it.)
I've seen somewhere on the Web as to what key(s) or button to click to
download a .tgz file with IE, but I don't remember it.
If I get an answer to the last question today (Wednesday), I can get these
fixes taken care of today.

Scott Boyd
The new Web weaver of Project Independence
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Scott D. Boyd - owner         email: sales@avmm.com