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Re: problem we should address

Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Dean Plude wrote:
> > 1.Font sizes are not ajustable in mail documents with all the default
> > programs
> which programs ? kvt allows you to change font sizes, so this takes care
> of all console based mailers ( such as pine ). I thought all of our GUI
> mailers did as well. Which programs are the offenders ?
> -- Donovan

the default mail program in kde only allows for font size changes of the
interface not the mesage body
also netscape has the same problem.
if we are going to make this software usable to the genral public it should
be "Very Easy" for a new user to finger this out as the prefered default is
1024 x 768 screen size and most people have 14 or 15 inch monitors
so to read the mail you either have to have good eyesight or a mail program
that can incress the meseage body font size