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Re: problem we should address

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Dean Plude wrote:

> the default mail program in kde only allows for font size changes of the
> interface not the mesage body

ouch. Yeah, so it does. Actually, our  preferred mail clients are tkrat
and xfmail though ... 

> also netscape has the same problem.

Netscape's mail client uses the same font as the fixed width browser font,
I believe

> if we are going to make this software usable to the genral public it should
> be "Very Easy" for a new user to finger this out as the prefered default is
> 1024 x 768 screen size and most people have 14 or 15 inch monitors

On a 15" monitor, the recommended resolution is 800x600. In windows or
linux, you'll find yourself needing good eyesight from time to time if you
choose 1024x768

> so to read the mail you either have to have good eyesight or a mail program
> that can incress the meseage body font size

I know for a fact that xfmail can do this. Perhaps tkrat can too.

Perhaps we should look into the idea of making these mail programs more
prominent ( ie give them desktop icons ) to make it clear that they are
our "preferred" choices.


-- Donovan