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Re: reply: linux (potentail) end user

Dean Plude wrote:
> There are many good points brought up but, the most common I have seen
> in this and others is installation issues.Maybe there is a way to get
> the current configuration and cross it to a database of hardware (this
> would be a way to eliminate a lot of install problems) .Before any thing
> is done or should be done to the users syztem .I would probally use a
> dos exe program to compile a list of hardware and save it to a file for
> the install program to use for settings and module installation.
>  The end results would be a almost fully automatic install from the
> users stand point whith the system optimized for their hardware and
> capacities.Maybe if we could get some other input as to what the
> structer of the data file should be etc... I could try a draft in the
> dos part.I would say we could try it directly from the boot but if the
> user has any obscure hardware it probally would go undetected by the
> program.

Biggest problem is that most hardware setup snafus are with brand 
new items that Linux distributors haven't herd of and software 
developers haven't written drivers for.