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reply: linux (potentail) end user

There are many good points brought up but, the most common I have seen
in this and others is installation issues.Maybe there is a way to get
the current configuration and cross it to a database of hardware (this
would be a way to eliminate a lot of install problems) .Before any thing
is done or should be done to the users syztem .I would probally use a
dos exe program to compile a list of hardware and save it to a file for
the install program to use for settings and module installation.
 The end results would be a almost fully automatic install from the
users stand point whith the system optimized for their hardware and
capacities.Maybe if we could get some other input as to what the
structer of the data file should be etc... I could try a draft in the
dos part.I would say we could try it directly from the boot but if the
user has any obscure hardware it probally would go undetected by the