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Re: problem we should address

Roberto Alsina wrote:

> I am fairly sure that I implemented that in kmail myself. I am not so sure
> if it has a GUI interface to changing it.
One thing I miss in Kmail is for the box where you view document source
to be bigger at startup.

Oh yeah, and a search and replace funktion in the 'Edit'-dropdownmenu.

Oh, oh, and 'casesensitive' in danish translates as 'Forskel på store og
små bogstaver', so you can guess the problem: The checkboxes has to be
on _top_ of each other, like this: 

and not like this:
[]blahbl []blahblah

Well, that's all I can think of right now.
Otherwise great job. Really!  ;-)

best regards
Birger Langkjer