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RE: ISO images.

>I keep getting messages from people who would like we had an ISO
>image.  Is anyone willing to do it?

   I have one, sort of...  It is a mirror of the FTP site in Joliet
format.  It includes the No-CD tree.  I can upload the ISO, but when I
mentioned it, there was a question of space.  Also, there is a question
of space for the experimental, and build trees.  I have space...
Bandwidth could be an issue, but not soon...  <Frac T1>  I also have a
cutter.  Since I want to see Inde out there as much as you, I will cut
and mail CDs to US addresses for $10.  It is an FTP mirror...  Does that
cover me for including the No-CD tree?  If not, I guess I can remove it.
 I have installed on several machines with it, and it works well.
   Also, when will the next "release" be ready to look at?  Based on Red
Hat 6.0 I assume?  After 6.0 is released, or do we have something based
on the Red Hat preview I have heard about, but never seen?