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Re: ISO images.

> >I keep getting messages from people who would like we had an ISO
> >image.  Is anyone willing to do it?
>    I have one, sort of...  It is a mirror of the FTP site in Joliet
> format.  It includes the No-CD tree.  I can upload the ISO, but when I
> mentioned it, there was a question of space.  Also, there is a question
> of space for the experimental, and build trees.  I have space...
> Bandwidth could be an issue, but not soon...  <Frac T1>  I also have a
> cutter.  Since I want to see Inde out there as much as you, I will cut

What is a cutter?

> and mail CDs to US addresses for $10.  It is an FTP mirror...  Does that
> cover me for including the No-CD tree?  If not, I guess I can remove it.

Better remove it.

>  I have installed on several machines with it, and it works well.
>    Also, when will the next "release" be ready to look at?  Based on Red
> Hat 6.0 I assume?  After 6.0 is released, or do we have something based
> on the Red Hat preview I have heard about, but never seen?

Follow the link at http://rufus.w3.org: there is amirror of the
experimental RedHat (rawhide).  I am grabbing some elements of it when
I need to hack them but I will have to wait until 6.0 is released
(bandwidth problem) to build full scale.  In addition there could be
things in Rawhide who will not be in the final release.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses