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Jean - et al

Linux? Should it be approached from a single users viewpoint? Let the user
become familiar with the OS, then, if the user wants all the networking
capabilities, let the user choose to add it? My first thought as I began to
try to familiarize myself with the OS, "I do not need this network stuff."
I still catagorize myself as a newbie, 3 months and I still can't get
connected to my ISP. I am making progress.The pppd sometimes is configured
into the kernel and sometimes not. I found the command 'insmod' which works
at times and sometimes not, because I'm told by the kernel, it doesn't
support it. This is Caldera OpenLinux 1.3, I am getting ready to toss it the
Good Will store, though I should not because it would be passing ill will to
someone. I'll try Red Hat, I have it on the way via CheapBytes. I choose Red
Hat because of SEUL. When you have that CD ready to ship, I will purchase

A GUI setup interface is what most of the computer users expect, as most
users are just looking for programs to use and not networking capabilities.
Until that can be accomplished by the people who do the work, I applaud your
efforts, again, until that is accomplished, Linux will not be an OS for the