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Re: musings

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Bud wrote:

> support it. This is Caldera OpenLinux 1.3, I am getting ready to toss it the
> Good Will store, though I should not because it would be passing ill will to

2.2 is the latest version of Caldera. It is much more up to date. I agree
with your "ill will" comment. I
generally throw my old CDs out because I prefer to point beginners to
cheapbytes. Handing a beginner an old CD is doing them a disservice.

> someone. I'll try Red Hat, I have it on the way via CheapBytes. I choose Red
> Hat because of SEUL. When you have that CD ready to ship, I will purchase
> it.

or if you have a  fast connection and a ZIP/jaz drive, you can just grab 
the differential section of our ftp site. 

> A GUI setup interface is what most of the computer users expect, as most

I believe Caldera have done this with OL2.2. We don't have enough
programmers to write GUI installs, but the commercial  distributors (
notably RH / Caldera / SuSE ) are
putting substantial developement muscle into installation issues, and the
installations have vastly improved over the last year ( and continuing in
the right direction )