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Re: musings

> On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Bud wrote:
> > support it. This is Caldera OpenLinux 1.3, I am getting ready to toss it the
> > Good Will store, though I should not because it would be passing ill will to
> 2.2 is the latest version of Caldera. It is much more up to date. I agree
> with your "ill will" comment. I
> generally throw my old CDs out because I prefer to point beginners to
> cheapbytes. Handing a beginner an old CD is doing them a disservice.

Since the day I tried a Mac without paper doc I don't recommend bare
CDs when using a system for the first time.  Of course old Cds are
worse.  It also happens the people I met are not broken students.

> > someone. I'll try Red Hat, I have it on the way via CheapBytes. I choose Red
> > Hat because of SEUL. When you have that CD ready to ship, I will purchase
> > it.
> or if you have a  fast connection and a ZIP/jaz drive, you can just grab 
> the differential section of our ftp site. 
> > A GUI setup interface is what most of the computer users expect, as most
> I believe Caldera have done this with OL2.2. We don't have enough
> programmers to write GUI installs, but the commercial  distributors (
> notably RH / Caldera / SuSE ) are
> putting substantial developement muscle into installation issues, and the

Thus we have to put substantial brains intead of muscle and add those
features who require little in proogramming but make a big difference
for the user.

About graphical setups I have been impressed by the description of COL
2.2 but being in graphical mode during the install IMHO adds little
except nice looks.  At this stage you are just selecting software.
The important detaures in Caldera are the fact in the install the user
is not confronted with questions he can't answer and the fact he is
droppped unto KDE and not in the command line.  Plus the fact he is
given the choice between different preconfigured themes the first time
he logs in.

By the way it is possible to configure a KDE desktop nicely with an
open kdedoc, and arrange for a copy of the config being in /etc/skels
in order for every new user getting it first time it is created.

I hope I will have time to modify the kdebase RPM for this.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses