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Re: musings

> Jean
> I should have been more explanatory, 2048 bytes per sector. I am able to
> mount the old 30 meg Iomega and the Jaz drive but the sectors on the Fujitso
> are formatted to 2048. A nice backup system, able to use 600 meg disks that
> are much more reliable than the Jaz 1 meg disks.

mount -o bs=2048 -t msdos /dev/something /mnt/fuji

> The idea of networking still escapes me but I keep reading. I did get hooked
> to my ISP but now I have to configure the pp-up script file, I'm looking at
> examples. Otherwise, I am connected but don't get anywhere.

You are connected if you do an /sbin/ifconfig and you see a paragraph
mentionning PPP.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses