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Re: Big time :)

> Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 19:05:24 +0000
> From: Kevin Forge <forgeltd@usa.net>
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> According to this reporter,
> http://www.it.fairfax.com.au/990420/software/it2.html
> Independence is a very popular distribution.  Here is the exact quote.
>    THE free OS comes in a number of relatively compatible
>    flavours known as "distributions". Debian (www.debian.org) and
>    Independence (www.independence.seul.org) are two popular

I knew Independence was popular but Debian does anyone know what is
that. ;-)  

>    distributions. A distribution typically contains both the
>    GNU/Linux source code and other "Open Source" applications,
>    which run on top of it. (An Open Source program is effectively
>    free, although the author may impose some licensing
>    restrictions.) 
> So much for the australian market.  Let's take on China next.
> Lots of serius content too.  And eaven some philosophy discused
> on indipendence-l@ recently.  All in all a very good read.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses