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Re: Thanks

> Jean
>  Thanks for the tips, still no recognization of the 2048 byte sector though.

What I told you was for reading filesystems.  But perhaps the driver
will need to be told about the BS.  Read the Documentation about the

> I had blue death strike again, I think my HD is failing again, can't blame
> MS for that though. Could not reinstall 98 on that drive after trying 5
> times. Always some program making a wrong turn.

Ever blame MS even in case you think you are wrong.  You have 99%
chances to be right.

> Received Red Hat 5.2, no to install it.
> I have a slow connection so I am waiting for the SEUL disk.

At this point Indy is not easier to install than RedHat.  Only a bit
easier to use.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses